This Animated Film Of New York City Will Blow Your Mind

When it comes to New York City, we’ve brought you some glorious time-lapse footage and even taken you inside the homes of local New Yorkers, but you have never seen the most famous city in the world transformed like this.

We don’t want to reveal too much, but below is animated film of NYC that will blow your mind in its execution, creativity and design.

Created by German student Lena Steinkühler using her trusty Canon 600D, Vicon Boujou, Cinema 4D & After Effects – she’s created 4 minutes of delicious eye-candy that will put your senses in overload. If this is the level of her talent now, she’s got a very very bright future indeed.

It’s called ‘Biotopes’ and essentially, it’s like one massive hallucinatory experience where the city suddenly brings to life, moving, breathing, morphing and shifting.

“My bachelor graduation project ‘New York Biotopes’ deals with abstract plants and creatures, which change their forms because of insufficient living space and adapt themselves to the surroundings of the metropolis New York City. A type of metamorphosis, where the newly developed vegetation assimilates elements of the city and makes them useful for their own purposes. These creatures and plants, partly mechanical, partly organically in appearance, spread more and more over the city and fill it up with life..”

So sit back, take a depth breath and enjoy the ride.


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