VIDEO: Inhabitat Interviews the Designers of the Low Line Underground Park | Inhabitat New York City

When we first heard about the underground New York City park called the Low Line last year, it was not much more than a brilliant idea and some provocative CAD renderings. Now fast-forward eight months and this ambitious project has really gathered steam, and is well on its way to becoming more than a pipe dream. The subterranean park, if constructed, would occupy an abandoned train track below Delancey Street in New York City’s historic Lower East Side neighborhood, and would bring greenery into a crowded, dense neighborhood that is generally lacking in both public space and green space. The futuristic idea utilizes sunlight transportation technology, and repurposes nearly 2 acres of wasted space in an abandoned trolley terminal that has been unused for 60 years. Hot off an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, and an exhibit showcasing their idea at the Mark Miller Gallery, James Ramsey and Dan Barasch recently sat down with Inhabitat’s Editor-in-Chief, Jill Fehrenbacher, to talk about the Low Line, their progress so far to making it a reality, and the incredible response they’ve received from all over the globe. Watch the video above or read below to learn more about what could become New York’s next design landmark!