Kathleen Stanley

Office Manager

Kathleen Stanley serves as Office Manager for Insight and is responsible for developing and integrating cross-functional procedures to optimize organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  Kathleen’s dynamic and multi-dimensional background in operational support stems from 25 years of government, non-profit and private sector organizational management experience.

Prior to joining the Insight team, Kathleen performed essential operational functions as a key stakeholder for Tigercomm, an international communications firm committed to progressing and servicing clients in the Solar and Clean Energy industry.  Kathleen’s steadfast approach to resource optimization strengthened the long-term vision and business sustainability during her years of service.

Before Tigercomm, Kathleen pursued her innate passion for cause-driven initiatives as Security Manager for Save the Children, an international NGO devoted to providing lifesaving health care and nutrition to children in impoverished nations.  Kathleen was inspired by the company’s mission and set out to deliver support during critical and crisis situations in the Middle East during the country’s most dangerous times in history.

Kathleen’s ability to thrive in complex work environments showcases her agility and aptitude for demanding responsibilities.  Her experience working in war zones (literally) allows her to embrace constraints, take on new projects and energize effective solutions to any challenge along the way.  She was acknowledged by peers and the community as the first U.S. female Security Manager to serve in Iraq.  This unique honor is an example of the courageous and spirited approach she applies to her daily work and life.